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About Us


Highland Whisky Corp is rapidly becoming the go-to specialists in the world of single malt whisky investment, and collection.

We are located in Singapore and London, but our influence is international, with regional partners in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Marbella (Spain) and Austin Texas (USA).

Combining genuine passion with stringent due diligence and research, we proudly offer extremely rare and sought after single malt opportunities for our refined clientele worldwide.
Highland whisky Corp function in direct partnership with outstanding craft distilleries to provide a first class, turn-key, bespoke service, specializing in providing exclusive opportunities for both rare bottles, as well as highly collectable cask purchases – from the rarest aged casks, to private pre-releases.

Not only do we have the expertise, and connections, to source the finest and most celebrated Scotch whisky, but also a fully operational distribution network, necessary to maximize our clients’ returns.

We follow a philosophy that dictates ‘less is more’ meaning that we cater to a very select and limited number of clientele, whom we respect as part of our family.
Whether you are a collector, connoisseur, or first time buyer and would like to be considered to become a client with one of the most prestigious companies in the market, kindly submit your details for an informal and unconditional interview.


Over the years, whisky has proven to be a successful diversification from mainstream investment vehicles. As this is a conservative investment, there are always potential risks involved with the market moving in either direction. There is no guarantee for performance.

What we can guarantee is we will always only do business with approved, reputable industry specialists.


Frequently asked questions

What is a bonded warehouse?

A bonded warehouse is a tax-free storage location. Duty and tax payable on goods held there are deferred until the goods are shipped out, usually by a professional blender, who acquires your whisky for bottling when it is mature. Because of the high potential tax taken from alcohol, bonded warehouses are closely monitored by the government and are among the safest of storage locations for goods. In addition, your whisky is insured against loss or damage.

How do I know I have genuine ownership?

We purchase the casks under our bonded tenancy agreement with the distillery. We then have a legal contract in place, granting you full, beneficial and unencumbered ownership of each cask you purchased. All cask numbers are registered, we also keep a record, as does the distillery.

We maintain a register at Highland Whisky Corp. Each cask is numbered and held in the bonded warehouse. In addition, you will receive a Title Deed Certificate outlining which casks you own, so there will never be any doubt which casks belong to you.

What if the bonded warehouse goes out of business?

This is highly unlikely given the people and the capital where your whisky will be stored. However, in such an unlikely event, you can simply move your casks to any other bonded warehouse facility in Scotland, of which there are many. And increasingly, more are coming online as the whisky market continues a resurgence to its former glory.

What if there is a fire or theft?

Your whisky is insured against fire and theft for their value at that time. Each year, the insurance company reassess the value of the whisky. In the very unlikely event that your casks are damaged, stolen or the warehouse catches fire, your whisky will be replaced by a cask of equal value or you will receive an insurance payout. The last whisky warehouse fire was in 1875, so this is highly unlikely.

There is no bootlegging secondary market for whisky, therefore, the theft would make no sense. whisky is all recorded with the Revenue Commissioner. It cannot be sold anywhere unless they get their cut. Everything is tracked. whisky casks are heavy and require trucks and machinery to remove them, with 24/7 security and no reported theft in the history of the warehouse, it’s very unlikely.

The warehouses in 2018 are all fire regulated and have sprinkler systems installed. There are millions of pounds in stock sitting in these warehouses.

Safety and security of the market

Safety, and security is key to the market and it is underpinned by a strict set of HMRC rules and regulations. By law, all Scotch whisky casks have to remain within the boundaries of Scotland in whisky-specific bonded warehouses.

This means that the asset is free from VAT and duty, as well as being fully insured to its market value.

In addition, owing to the fact that whisky casks can be categorized as a “wasting chattel”, there are potential benefits in relation to Capital Gains Tax (we strongly advise you seek professional advice to determine exactly how this can benefit your own personal circumstances)

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